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Welcome to the Lodge of Hope 6703

Date of Warrant 2nd June 1948 & Date of Consecration 22nd November 1948

The Lodge of Hope 6703 has over 50 members (Dec 2016) and a great variation of masonic experience ranging from a member who joined this lodge on the 28th December 1949 to our newest member who joined us in early 2017 and joins his father and older brother at the lodge. We really do have a varied mix of members from many walks of life which helps make our lodge an interesting place to spend some time. We believe our lodge to be a forward thinking lodge that is helping to bring Freemasonry into the 21st century whilst maintaining all that is important with the ancient history, beliefs and working’s that make Freemasonry what it is today.  With the benefit of such experienced members the lodge has built itself a strong foundation and has a very positive future. The Lodge of Hope has its foundations in its mother lodge; Brunswick No 159 which due to the popularity of Freemasonry in the early post war years outgrew itself so was born the Lodge of Hope. You will meet and form friendships with people from walks of life you would never expect to do so and that is a great part of masonry. Freemasonry is about taking a good man and helping to make him a better man, it is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations in the world.

As a visiting mason you are always most welcome to come along and join us at any time, as someone considering joining masonry you are most welcome to make contact and have a chat with us.The Lodge of Hope meet every 4th Tuesday of the month (exc July and August) and you will always be made most welcome by our WM and brethren alike.


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Masonry to me is a chance to meet people that although from different walks of life have a common interest. It is a way to make friends and discover things that I otherwise wouldn’t. Each meeting gives me a chance to have a conversion with different people and to benefit others by giving money to deserving causes or people.

Steve CA Member of The Lodge Of Hope 6703

Since joining Masonry my social life has changed beyond recognition, I go out and have great evenings with lovely likeminded people from all walks of life. I get to spend evenings with people from hugely varying social standings and the nice part is we are all equal within masonry, and that actually is how it is. For me I like the history and ritual side of freemasonry and putting myself under a little bit of pressure to learn my ritual, all that’s asked is you give it a try and do your best and no more will ever be asked of you or you can equally not get too involved in ritual, it is your choice. Going out in a pleasant environment, sitting down with a bunch of guys from all walks, having a beer or two with my 3 or 4 course meal whilst raising some money for great charities, what’s not to want. If you consider yourself a good man and you believe in Integrity, kindness, honesty, fairness and tolerance you might want to take a look.

Alan DMember of The Lodge Of Hope 6703