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April 2017

Annual Visit to St Aubyns

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Lovely time at St Aubyns lodge last evening and as you would expect we were made to feel very welcome, our WM tried to get away from sitting at the top table at the festive board but he was caught out (Shame) . We were treated to a very educational lecture on the meaning of preparing a candidate for his¬†initiation which was interesting and we took away somethings we maybe didn’t know. We had a great evening, made some new friends and caught up with some old ones(In Some cases really old) ¬†and in the process raised some money for charity, whats not to want with that.

The four star’s are shining at the Lodge of Hope 6703

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They have all been to the barbers (Why I have no idea as only one of them has any hair left),they have all brushed their teeth and put on their best shirts and all set off an hour earlier so not to be late for their big day. A huge congratulations to CT for his reappointment of PGMentor, SS on his promotion to PPrGSwdBr, BP on his promotion to PPrJDG and MJ on his promotion to PPrAGDC. Four very excited little boys are flying the flag high for the Lodge of Hope 6703, well done boys. The rest of the lodge look forward to the four of you supplying us all with a glass of port each to help celebrate your promotions at our next meeting on the April 25th.